The Monk who sold his ferrari

images.jpg This is authored by Robin sharma. This is my first reading of his books. The book tries to educate and bring in new ways to improve the life by bringing in wisdom of ancient sages of east. It is sort of motivational drawing inspirational influence by exploration of ancient spiritual wisdom of the east.

The beginning of the book starts with the fainting of leading lawyer of the town who lives fast track life with all sorts of comforts and luxuries and his sudden decision to retire from the pratice. The author’s style of telling story in total conversional format is something not liked by me as it gives sort of listening to some kind of speech but nevertheless the wisdom and experience of lawyer turned monk who sold his ferrari for meaningful life is to be appreciated. I sincerely believe this wisdom will definitely be welcomed by all.

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7 habits of highly effective people

In this best seller, Stephen Covey provides readers with a system for taking charge of one’s life and getting the results that one aspires to. We can all get dragged down from time to time by mundane little things the demand our attention and, in the bargain, lose sight of what is important. This book inspires you to make the change that you wish to by helping you prioritise your time and, therefore, life.

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A Fable About Following Your Dream“The Alchemist” is short, pleasant tale of a shepherd boy faced with the choice of whether to live his “personal legend.” It is a story of transformation of a dropout, who wastes his time, intelligence and heart wandering the fields with his sheep. But then, a recurring dream sets him on a course that takes him out of his comfortable escapism and points him toward risk, personal growth and treasure. Along the way, he is assisted by kings and adepts who help him to perceive “the soul of the world” – that intuitive state in which all mysteries are One.

The tale takes the boy from Spain to northern Africa. Mixing bits of Christian scriptures, Muslim exotica and Hindu mysticism, it shows a sensitive boy becoming increasingly attuned to the forces of nature. As in all such stories, it is a tale of a boy coming into control of himself as much as of the exterior world.

“The Alchemist” was not especially deep or theologicaly coherent. But it all about pursuing one’s dream through self-initiative, attending to one’s heart, and accepting the guidance of others, while somewhat time-worn, can always stand repeating. It is sort of drive /the inspirational fable type to make you understand and agree with the words “follow  your heart” .

If you don’t agree that following your heart is the way to go, then unless you have a sociological interest in finding out why on earth this book has sold in the millions and what people read to feel better about life, then do all you can to avoid this as it will be mere wastage of time.

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